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** 2024 Memberships are now being accepted **

Membership fees...

> Single Membership - Voting member over 18 years of age >> $20

> Family Membership - 2 Voting members (adults 18+ years) and children (under 18 years) >> $30

> Youth Membership - Non-Voting member under 18 years of age >> $10 

Membership fees can be paid by e-transfer or by cheque.

NOTE: *** If all of your information from last year is unchanged, you only need to submit payment -- you do not need to fill out a new membership form *** 

** There are now 2 ways to apply for membership **

>> Click on the 'Get membership form' button to get a form to fill out and send in.

>> Click on the 'Sign up online' button to fill the form out online

- and then -

>> Click on the 'Get release form' button to get a release form to fill out and send in

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